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THIS is a collection of audio from JHS , GSSRC and other sources that relate to history -- mostly of this area but other topics as well. Presented by I hope you enjoy them. Select \by file name. As time goes on - perhaps we will find time to sort and file with an index. File names should guide you to some great talks at this point. Sometimes and some systems - it is better to DOWNLOAD the file to your computer to play the audio ... but some will figure out the apps you need to play it directly from the cloud. -- HISTORY TALKS -- JAY HISTORICAL GSSRC - AND MORE
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APRIL 13, 2019 Quarterly - Meeting

Fascinating TOPICS AND RESOURCES ...    Just a reminder that our next quarterly meeting is at 10 AM on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at the Genealogy Library at 6275 Dogwood Drive in Milton .  Rachel Willis Hamm will be leading the session and sharing with us her favorite (and most useful) websites for genealogy research. I also hope that all of you will share YOUR favorite sites with us, too.  Please try to attend. Our discussions are lively and collaborative, and we really need to look toward the future and make plans to solidify our membership and our purpose. I look forward to seeing you all. Please remember that guests are welcome; if you know someone who would enjoy our group, please invite him or her to join us. Sincerely, Gayle Cowley

OCT 20 - 2018 PROBATE - explained